NetMRG 0.18 released


30-10-2004 16:11:02

There has been a number of major bugfixes in this release that affected a number of people. Check out the changes, and go download it!
* Fixed an issue preventing form submissions on some browsers
* Fixed PHP string escaping problems
* Fixed inability to create inverted stacked graphs
* Fixed parameter substituion and documentation regarding notifications and responses
* Added better support on FreeBSDs (4.8-5.2) and x86-64 architectures (Linux and FreeBSD)
* Added the ability to multiply summed values
* Added MySQL timeouts
* Added simple value parsing (to get the numeric content out of quoted numbers, etc)
* Added graphic icons for most actions
* Added support for a default external auth user (with regards to permissions)
* Cleaned up the gatherer build process output