Monitoring Catalysts


29-04-2004 09:40:52

? Hi all,

when monitoring serveral - somewhat larger - catalysts I had to find out that rrdtool just displays the device-name and the interface description in the topic.

It would be very helpful if I had the opportunity to have the interface alias printed instead of the if descr. NetMrg knows the aliases and prints then in ther Interface Cache, however, I had not found out how to get them in the graph.

Any ideas ??

Thank you very much for your help.

With regards



29-04-2004 19:42:09

Yes, we do!

We do just this thing in our larger installations.

Goto template graphs and click on 'edit' beside the Lan Traffic graph. You'll want to change the [b25cb98606b]title[/b25cb98606b] field from
[code125cb98606b]%dev_name% - %ifDescr%[/code125cb98606b]
[code125cb98606b]%dev_name% - %ifDescr% - %ifAlias%[/code125cb98606b]

Hopefully that helps!