Monitoring Windows Devices


29-04-2004 22:11:30

I am having problems monitoring windows devices using netmrg.

I can monitor NIC Tx/Rx. However, the win2k snmp cpu script does not generate any data. Nor does the automagic detection of my c\ report any data.

My questions

* Does anyone have any Windows centric scripts that they use for monitoring that they want to release?

* Has anyone got the win2k snmp cpu script working? If so how?

* Where does the app log errors? I.e. snmp timeouts, etc...

I have a Datacenter with Cisco network gear, Solaris, Redhat Linux and Windows servers and I want to use this tool to monitor and trend all these hosts. It seems that this app is really geared towards *nix and Cisco devices but not really windows (and this app would be create if it could monitor Windows disk utilization, CPU, Memory, and NIC, along with being able to do this already for *nix and cisco).




30-04-2004 07:34:43


To use the script you need to modify the command line (well it's what I've done and that works) like this

[code181e84a787e] %ip% %snmp_read_community%

For the logs, you can change the in /usr/local/bin directory to have more details in your log files.
To have more details you can change this line
by this one
netmrg="$bindir/netmrg-gatherer -sm"

Now your log file (/usr/local/var/log/netmrg/log/lastrun.log) is full of informations !

Hope, it helps you.


30-04-2004 18:51:27


Thanks for the information. What file do I edit to change the parameters for the command line?




01-05-2004 09:37:38

Actually, you shouldn't have to modify any script. Just modify the script test (under Tests - [ib34a1b4955]Scripts[/ib34a1b4955]).

Find the 'Win2k SNMP CPU' test, and edit it. Change the command from
to be what Meshuggah wrote
[code1b34a1b4955] %ip% %snmp_read_community% %parameters%[/code1b34a1b4955]

Actually, I added in the parameters option, since I know that this script takes a third option - the number of the CPU. This way, you can monitor mutli-processor boxes by setting the parameter in your boxes to the number CPU you want to monitor (1, 2, ...).

The changes Meshuggah was suggesting to a script were to get more debug output from NetMRG's gatherer.