Ciaran Bryan

05-05-2004 10:37:26

Running 0.14 and trying to setup triggered event responses. Have setup the condition to be true and configured the response and associated notification. On the gatherer run (see log below) the condition is met and an event is raised but the response and notification script is never executed.

My question is, does this work or am i missing somthing ?


[L 0064, C 0016] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] Starting Monitor.
[L 0128, C 1024] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] Mysql Query Succeeded. (SELECT cmd, data_type FROM tests_script WHERE id = 9)
[L 0064, C 0512] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] Sending '/opt/perfmon/scripts/o3sis_monitor.ksh be02 Application 1 requestsProcessed' to shell.
[L 0064, C 0016] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] Value 0
[L 0128, C 0128] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] RRD 'update /opt/perfmon/netmrg/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/mon_279.rrd N0'
[L 0128, C 1024] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] Mysql Query Succeeded. (SELECT id, trigger_type, last_status, situation, last_triggered FROM events WHERE mon_id=279 AND trigger_type = 1)
[L 0128, C 1024] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] [Ev 0002] Mysql Query Succeeded. (SELECT value, value_type, condition, logic_condition FROM conditions WHERE event_id=2 ORDER BY id)
[L 0064, C 0032] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] [Ev 0002] Triggered.
[L 0128, C 1024] [Dev 0022] [Sub 0078] [Mon 0279] MySQL Update Succeeded. (UPDATE monitors SET tuned=1, last_val=0


17-05-2004 16:11:00


I have same problem. I have set up events. It works fine, but
If I add a response to it the script, which should send notification as an email to me after the condition is triggered, the script never executed.

Any suggestion?



17-05-2004 22:02:36

Looking back over the code, it seems that the status of the event must change for the response to be done (ie, go from a non-triggered to a triggered state). Could this be the cause of your problem?

Other than that, it's pretty straight-forward. Let us know if you find anything, but we'll keep looking on this end.