Bug or I miss something


17-05-2004 17:11:19


I've created custom graph based on such test
Group = "City1"
Device = "Router1"
Sub-Device = "Fa0/1"
Test = "Bytes out"

Custom graph name is "Router1 Fa0/1 Bytes out"

I've created new group "Customer1".
I've assigned "Router1 Fa0/1 Bytes out" to "Customer1" group by
clik on "View" on "Customer1", clik "Edit", click "Add", choose custom graph "Router1 Fa0/1 Bytes out", clik "Save changes", click "Done editing".

I've created user "Customer1"
"Permit Type" = "Single View Only"
"Group" = "Customer1"

Then I logout and login as "Customer1".
I don't see "Monitoring" (which is good IMHO).
I see in "Device Tree" "Customer1" group only.
I clik on ...view.php?action=view&object_type=group&object_id=15 near "Customer1" (orange colour) but I see nothing. Neither graph nor message about access denied.

My question is
Is it bug in netmrg frontend or maybe my backend mysql is crazy due to deleting and adding and deleting many groups, devices, sub-devices (it's seems to be also bug in netmrg) ?

I wonder if drop and create netmrg db will help ?



17-05-2004 22:17:14

I was able to reproduce this problem. It only seems to cause problems with Custom graphs, so the temporary workaround would be to use Template graphs instead. Bugs 196 and 197 have been created to address this issue.