SNMP is dead on this machine


07-06-2004 23:21:42


i have installed the netmrg 13 version on my system. everything installed fine. when executing the program nothing is monitored.
i have executed the netmrg-gatherer file, it have shown that "The machine is SNMP dead" wat could be the problem?
send me solution

- Jag


08-06-2004 14:51:40

The first thing that might be a problem is you have the SNMP community string typed incorrect in the device config in NetMRG. If this is not the case, try to change the SNMP type to SNMP v1.
If this is not the case, we have an option in an upcoming release (due out this week) to ignore the SNMP uptime reported by a device, thus working around the 'device is SNMP-dead' problem. You may have to wait for this version to come out.