install problems on FreeBSD4.9


10-06-2004 02:47:50

Hy i just tried to install NetMRG on freebsd 4.9 according to the tutorial on the site, i'm new at graph-ing and stuff.
I can't get it to work, i've installed mod_php, apache seems to be working, mysql tool, cron job seems ok.
Any quide lines how can i test more ? thanks
Soory to bother u but i'm new @this


10-06-2004 08:06:02

Exactly where are you in the process? Do you have the web interface working? Do you get any errors by running netmrg-gatherer by hand?

If both are yes, and you've set up a device per the tutorial, try running "netmrg-gatherer -a" which should give some more details.

Hopefully we'll get this straightened out for you.