Cisco CPU polling: Interface subdevice has no interface para


18-06-2004 09:26:44


I'm configuring NetMRG for the network on my company(ISP) and I'm stuck on a problem I didn't had
I configured a new interface for Cisco CPU polling, using the template snmp poll and I got the following message on the gatherer log
[Dev 0005] [Sub 0058] Interface subdevice has no interface parameters.
[Dev 0005] [Sub 0058] Subdevice aborted due to previous errors.
This happens for every device I configure to use this polling type.
I had it working once, but after some device reconfiguration I was unable to get it working anymore. shock

Thanks in advance ) [/i132db08021]


18-06-2004 10:17:31

I figured out what my problem was
On the subdevice group I was selecting Interface and not Group.
Mea culpa oops