Custom Graph/Permission Denied


30-06-2004 18:33:52

I am experiencing the problem brought up in bug 197, but am running CVS snapshot version from June 30th. Is this fixed in the snapshots?


30-06-2004 19:44:00

There's a new bug for that issue, bug#235 which has not yet been fixed. Doug's working on it.


30-06-2004 21:08:28

It should be fixed in tonight's cvs snapshot. Give it a try.



01-07-2004 11:08:52

I have upgraded to July 01 snapshot with no success. Maybe I have some other problem with my installation. The following is what I did for my upgrade.

1. Downloaded and untared netmrg-2004.07.01.tar.gz.
2. Commented out my cronjob
2. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/netmrg-2004.07.01
3. make && make install
4. ln -s /usr/local/netmrg-2004.07.01 /usr/local/netmrg
5. cp /usr/local/netmrg-2004.06.30/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/mon*.rrd /usr/local/netmrg/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/
6. chown -R netmrg.netmrg /usr/local/netmrg-2004.07.01
7. Made changes to netmrg.xml
8. Uncommented my cronjob
9. Ran netmrg-gatherer to make sure no errors were reported.

There was nothing noted in the DBchanglog to update. Also, there was no prompt for changes on initial login. Everything else seems to be chugging along fine, its just this one custom graph.