No RRD Files?


06-07-2004 11:43:41


I've installed NetMRG as per the documentation from source (version 0.16).

After some fiddling and digging through this forum, I managed to get my Linux box to show its network interfaces when I click on "Recache Interfaces" and I can see the SNMP requests at the SNMPD end with debugging enabled.

My problem now is that I have loverly graphs, with no data in them, and no rrd files in /usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd

The permissions are as stated in the install doc for this folder - and I can write to that folder logged in as netmrg user.

If I manually run netmrtg-gatherer as root, I get the following output

root@reg/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd# netmrg-gatherer -sm
NetMRG starting.
Creating Lockfile.
Initializing SNMP library.
Initializing RRDTOOL pipe.
[ACTIVE] Last 0, Now 0
[Dev 0006] Starting device thread.
[Dev 0006] MySQL connection established.
[Dev 0006] Pyro / <Field Omitted>
[Dev 0006] SNMP Uptime is 418991
[Dev 0006] Number of Interfaces is 6
[Dev 0006] [Sub 0013] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0006] [Sub 0014] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0006] [Sub 0012] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0006] [Sub 0011] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0006] [Sub 0015] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0006] Trimming device event log.
[Dev 0006] Ending device thread.
Thread Ended.
Closed MySQL connection.
Runtime 0
Closed RRDTOOL pipe.
Cleaned up SNMP.

and I see requests and responses at the SNMP server, but I don't get any rrd files created? (Also in alot of other posts, netmrg-gatherer makes reference to updating rrd files - I don't get those messages either).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Alex Harrington
Longhill High School


06-07-2004 12:42:58

Using the graph image debug I get

/usr/local/rrdtool/bin/rrdtool graph - -s -108000 -e -360 --title "Pyro - eth0" -w 575 -h 100 -b 1000 -v "bytes / sec" --imgformat PNG DEFzero=[ba1b10f7666]/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/zero.rrd[/ba1b10f7666]mon_25AVERAGE CDEFdata1=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* CDEFdata1l=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* CDEFdata1m=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* AREAdata1#00CC00"Inbound " GPRINTdata1lLAST"Current\%8.2lf %s" GPRINTdata1AVERAGE"Average\%8.2lf %s" GPRINTdata1mMAX"Maximum\%8.2lf %s" COMMENT"\n" CDEFdata2=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* CDEFdata2l=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* CDEFdata2m=zero,UN,1,1,IF,0,* AREAdata2#0000CC"Outbound" GPRINTdata2lLAST"Current\%8.2lf %s" GPRINTdata2AVERAGE"Average\%8.2lf %s" GPRINTdata2mMAX"Maximum\%8.2lf %s" COMMENT"\n" VRULE1089068400#F00000 COMMENT"\n" COMMENT"Interface eth0" COMMENT"\n" COMMENT" IP\n"

so it would seem that my graphs are trying to be generated from the included zero.rrd file??

I've checked and rechecked on permissions, and I've rechecked my netmrg.xml file for paths etc.

Any ideas?


06-07-2004 13:33:09

Fixed some of my own problem!

I hadn't attached Monitors to Interface Bytes In/Bytes Out for each interface I'm monitoring.

I'm now getting graphs for each interface (all be it they seem to be the cumulative amount of traffic the box has seen since it was last rebooted), but the overall graphs for the host of eth0 still register no traffic, despite having got the correct IP address etc via SNMP.




07-07-2004 10:21:42

Regarding the "cumulative amount of traffic" problem... did you make the monitors gauges or counters? For traffic graphs, where you want to see something-per-second, you should use the counter type. If you had used the included traffic template, it should have done this on its own.

Not sure about the eth0 problem... any more details?


16-07-2004 04:33:55

I have installed NetMRG 0.16.
The buildings graph does not occur.

/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48 graph - -s -108000 -e -360 --title="Template Linux Box - Network Interface (Interfaces - Bytes In) (#12)" --imgformat PNG -g -w 575 -h 100 DEF:data1=/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/mon_12.rrd:mon_12:AVERAGE AREA:data1#151590

Script execution debug information:
[code1fda5fa787d]root# cd /usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd | ls
From the last record is seen that file mon_12.[bfda5fa787d]rrd[/bfda5fa787d] does not exist. He must be created automatically, or I have done that not so?


16-07-2004 08:59:36

It should be created automatically. Can you post the result of "netmrg-gatherer -sm" ?


16-07-2004 10:52:34

root# netmrg-gatherer -sm
NetMRG starting.
Creating Lockfile.
Initializing SNMP library.
Initializing RRDTOOL pipe.
sh /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48 is a directory
[ACTIVE] Last 0, Now 0
[Dev 0002] Starting device thread.
[Dev 0002] MySQL connection established.
[Dev 0002] My Server / <Field Omitted>
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0017] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0017] SNMP Session Failure.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0017] Value U
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0017] Value is non-integer.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0018] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0018] SNMP Session Failure.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0018] Value U
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0018] Value is non-integer.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0019] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0019] SNMP Session Failure.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0019] Value U
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0019] Value is non-integer.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0020] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0020] SNMP Session Failure.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0020] Value U
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0020] Value is non-integer.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0021] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0021] SNMP Session Failure.
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0021] Value U
[Dev 0002] [Sub 0004] [Mon 0021] Value is non-integer.
[Dev 0002] Trimming device event log.
[Dev 0002] Ending device thread.
Closed MySQL connection.
Runtime 0
Closed RRDTOOL pipe.
Cleaned up SNMP.


16-07-2004 13:15:24

Several possible problems...

1) Take a look at your netmrg.xml file. The rrdtool option should be the full path to the rrdtool binary. The output suggests that you might have it set to the directory instead. If you don't see a problem, go ahead and post that file so we can look at it.

2) The "SNMP Session Errors" are very troubling, as we've never seen them before that I can recall. What OS/Distro are you using? What is the version of the SNMP libraries that you have installed?


17-07-2004 02:05:29

1) netmrg.xml

2) > What OS/Distro are you using?
OS ASP Linux 7.3 (kern. 2.4.18-5)
MySQL Ver 11.16 Distrib 3.23.49, for redhat-linux-gnu (i386)
PHP PHP 4.3.3 (cli)
Apache Apache/1.3.28 (Unix)
RRDTool RRDtool 1.0.48
Libxml2 libxml2-2.5.7
Libstdc++ gcc-3.4.1
NET/UCD-SNMP UCD-snmp version 4.2.6


17-07-2004 09:05:31

[code1c27e618988]ls -ld /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48[/code1c27e618988]



19-07-2004 03:22:21

# ls -ld /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48
drwxr-xr-x 10 root root Jul 8 1248 /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48


19-07-2004 04:07:59

[quoteec1eedaf4a="ZuarasiZ"]# ls -ld /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48
drwxr-xr-x 10 root root Jul 8 1248 /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48[/quoteec1eedaf4a]

Did you modify the path for <rrdtool> in netmrg.xml, or was it detected during build time? The <rrdtool> section needs an actual executable file. Look in the /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.48 directory to see if you can find the real rrdtool binary, then put the full path to that binary in your netmrg.xml file.

- Kevin