Events: Data floating threshold conditions

Jorge Matias

11-07-2004 16:03:44

I'm using NetMRG to monitor Server CPU's temperature via SNMP/LM-SENSORS. And I have a condition "Current Value > 40000" (Temp > 40 Celsius) to trigger an Warning event that sends an e-mail to me telling what is happening.
Well, if temperature is floating around the condition threshold I get a lot of e-mails. There are other cenarios where this could happen.

Even so, I'm not worried with temperature because normally when it reaches those values it's because something is wrong with FANs or Air Conditioning. It will still climb and will not stop in the 40C.

So, what I ask is Is it possible to add some support to add histeresys in Status Change Triggered/Not Triggered?
This is not an urgent issue.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Jorge Matias