Graph showing nan for traffic


14-07-2004 17:41:37


I've installed netmrg and gotten most things running, I am getting "nan" for the byte count on my graphs. Any help or direction would be appreciated.


15-07-2004 09:49:44

"nan" values on a graph mean that either no data has been written to an RRD file, or that the data written was "unknown." The best way to determine the cause of this is running "netmrg-gatherer -sm" while logged in as the NetMRG user. The output should be safe to post here if the problem isn't evident.


15-07-2004 11:33:56

Thanks for the reply, here is the output
deb-web1/usr/local/bin# ./netmrg-gatherer -sm
NetMRG starting.
Creating Lockfile.
Initializing SNMP library.
Initializing RRDTOOL pipe.
[ACTIVE] Last 0, Now 0
[Dev 0004] Starting device thread at 2004-07-15 113553.
[Dev 0004] MySQL connection established.
[Dev 0004] NomadixUSG_II / <Field Omitted>
[Dev 0004] SNMP Uptime is 39022097
[Dev 0004] Number of Interfaces is 3
[Dev 0004] Performing SNMP Recache.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0013] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0013] [Mon 0034] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0013] [Mon 0034] Value 2366862649
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0013] [Mon 0033] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0013] [Mon 0033] Value 737970148
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0012] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0012] [Mon 0031] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0012] [Mon 0031] Value 2366409526
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0012] [Mon 0032] Starting Monitor.
[Dev 0004] [Sub 0012] [Mon 0032] Value 269288558
[Dev 0004] Trimming device event log.
[Dev 0004] Ending device thread at 2004-07-15 113554, after a duration of 1 seconds.
Closed MySQL connection.
Runtime 1
Thread Ended.
Closed RRDTOOL pipe.
Cleaned up SNMP.

The problem is not evident to me, but I am a little slow.


15-07-2004 13:49:56

Nope; that doesn't look immediately helpful.

What are the permissions on your rrd files, or the directory that the rrd files are in? Can the user netmrg is running as write to them?



15-07-2004 16:03:19

That seems to have been it. One other thing though, the ping time script seems to need some modification for my debian box. I had to remove the -w and -i 0.2 options. The regular expression in the script is (I assume) supposed to render an interger value and it is not. I've been looking at the perldocs to find the answer but a shortcut wouldn't hurt o)

Thanks for all you help.


15-07-2004 16:33:27

All seems to be working now. Just need to get all graphs to show up in slideshow. More time in the documentation I guess.

Thanks again,