Cant graph disk stats


16-07-2004 00:07:58

Hello all. I managed to install netmrg and it's working very fine. I managed to get all type of graphs such as cpu util,eth0 and etc etc..but NOT disk stats. Is there any parameters i need to change? For your information, this is a Slackware Linux box and it's divided into 2 partitions which are /dev/hda1 for / and /dev/hda2 for /var. Any help is appreciated. thanks a lot.


16-07-2004 09:02:10

Where are you having problems with setting up the disk graphs? One thing we normally do is add the disks we care about to our snmpd.conf, so that we can have access to the UCD-DISK-MIB, which is better than the HOST-MIB, for disk stats in our opinion.


23-07-2004 11:02:57

dear all, it's fixed. i searched through the old posts and got some info from there. As Sir mentioned, i need to add in few lines in snmpd.conf and settled! Sorry for inconvienience. thanks again!