Docu Chapter 12. Workday Highlighting


21-07-2004 02:49:50

Hello list,

I am using NetMrg-0.16 for a time and am very satisfied with it.

However, when trying out to highlight the workdays in my graphs, I cannot follow the docu (same release) after step 3

Neither in the Standard nor in the advanced properties of the 'edit graph' dialog there is an option to set the 'item type' to 'area'.

As I'm not a native english speaking person I might have overseen something, however, my question is where I have to add the new graph item.

I'm sorry for this poor question and hope that you can help me.

Thank you very much for your help

with regards


21-07-2004 10:07:31

By 'Graph item', we're referring to either the templates or custom graphs. These are much more powerful than just browsing the individual monitors, and allow you to create lines, stacks, and areas of different colors.
If you're trying to add workday highlighting to the traffic graphs, goto template graph, then click on the lan traffic graph. You'll want to add your new item here (and move it to the top once you're done).



22-07-2004 01:32:06

Thank you very much for your help.

After applying it, it works as intended... - next time I'll know better ;-)

With regards