More color modifications


30-08-2003 23:58:04

hello folks,

I have tried a lot of apps that use rrdtool and I am really enjoying NetMRG... I was wondering if there is a file I can edit to change some more of the default colors for the graphs (canvas,etc...)?



31-08-2003 18:47:53

For the moment, you can edit the commands passed to RRDTOOL in graphing.php. For all graphs to be affected, you'll need to make the change in three places in this file. (One each for Custom/Template graphs, monitor graphs, and tiny monitor graphs.) I'd suggest you put the option between the "-" and the "-s" in the lines containing "graph - -s"

You probably already know this, but the --color parameter is what you need to add, and it is fully described in the RRDGRAPH manpage.

We're hoping to add "theme" or "skin" support to NetMRG in the future, and these color choices will be defined there. I'd love to see a neon NetMRG theme some day! D

Also, I'm glad you're enjoying NetMRG. We've been dealing with a lot of portability issues on this board and it's nice to know there are some out there who have had success in getting it setup, and are liking it!


01-09-2003 04:27:40

Thanks. It worked great!! Keep up the nice work folks, this is a really great app. I will be telling people about your project...