Interface cache: monitor removal


27-07-2004 15:16:51


I wanted to disable/remove an interface from monitoring (was previously checked to monitor/graph)
I couldn't find anything to do this so I went and deleted the monitors from 'Monitors' but that doesn't do the trick as I can see the graph on the device (no graph, but netmrg tries to generate it, meaning the monitor is there, or device monitor or you know better ) )
I'm also unable to check monitor/graph again (click on monitor/graph and on the select box)


27-07-2004 22:36:42

Delete the subdevice that contained the monitors (Groups -> click on your device name). You may also have to delete the view from the device tree display (Device Tree -> click the orange graph icon next to your device ... scroll to the bottom, 'edit', and delete the graph from here).

Let us know if this gets the job done.



28-07-2004 11:50:35

Yes, doing both steps you mentioned had the desired effect.
I didn't want to delete the graph because I tought something (a lovelly unmonitor button ;) would do it automatically.

Thanks for your support, again D