History in Monitoring


01-08-2004 16:26:57


I've defined several groups, devices, sub-devices and tests.
I click "Groups" in "Monitoring".
Next I click on some group name.
Next I click on some device name.
Then I click on "All Groups" in "History".
I see still group name in "History" but IMHO it should disappear.
Next I click on another group name, device name and again on "All Groups" in
"History". I see two group names in "History".

I don't know it's ok or not. I've written about it just in case.



12-08-2004 00:48:28

We noticed this shortly after 0.14 was released. It shouldn't be causing problems, other than nav bar clutter and some confusion.

I don't think a bug has been submitted for it yet, so if you'd like to add this bug (as well as boost your reporter stats 8) ), it would be greatly appreciated.

- Kevin