How to export graphs


09-09-2004 03:33:27

Is there any script avaliable to export graphs to html , something similar to export.php in cacti ?

I would like to run this script after every 10 min to get graphs of various servers in html files.

Is this possible ???

thanks in advance


09-09-2004 08:56:21

We don't yet have such a feature.


09-09-2004 11:29:01

The best you could currently do (and this is a hack) is to get the URL to the 'get_graph.php' script (usually by right-clicking on the image and selecting 'copy image location), and add a '&debug=1' to the URL. When you issue this URL to your browser, you will get a whole bunch of debug information, some of which is the RRD command that is used to generate that particular command. You could use this command to put in a cron job that creates your graphs, but it would only function from the same box that NetMRG is installed on.



09-09-2004 12:07:41

thanks for this.

But i feel u should consider as a new feature in your upcoming release.