Newbie's query


11-09-2004 02:19:14

I'm trying to plot disk , memory,network utlization of 3 servers (from ibm,compaq& assembled box ) using netrmg.

i have read documentation but confused about how to plot server wise mem/net/disk utilzation in a single graph.Can some one pl explain step by step how to plot above in a single graph.I also love dissect option.How to integrate this option in my case?

When to use scripts option?Some step by step explanation based on examples wuld help me to implement this.

Also can senior admin's share their experiences about how they have implemented netmrg in thier network!!!!

Thanks in adv to all who will reply to my queries.


11-09-2004 10:35:12

A lot depends on what your target OS is, not the platform. SNMP is usually the easiest to setup to gather statistics about servers remotely. We only try to use scripts when we absolutely have to; usually when something's not available via SNMP or the output needs additional parsing before the value can be passed to NetMRG

NetMRG has disk, interface, cpu usage, and memory graphs already created for OSes that use ucd-snmp or net-snmp. For Windows OSes, you'll have to add the SNMP Service to your box and create the SNMP tests and Graphs manually for CPU, memory, and disk usage.

There is a tutorial on how to add the CPU usage graphs (here). Adding Memory usage is very similar.
For Interfaces and Disks, it's easiest to click on 'recache interfaces' or 'recache disks' when you're viewing the device (Groups .. drill down to your device) and click 'Monitor/Graph' to create the monitors and graphs all in one step.