the dskIndex problem


10-09-2003 07:02:59

i have some windows hosts ready to be graphed ;)
i wrote a script to translate blocks total/blocks used int usage % graph.
now i add a disk subdevice named "C" and define dskIndex parameter for it.
and then my new monitor.
however, all i get are the following messages in the lastrun.log
[Dev 0103] [Sub 2051] Disk index not found.
[Dev 0103] [Sub 2051] Subdevice aborted due to previous errors.

i think this is related to disks not being cached (due to absence of the UCD entries on windows hosts).
the question is is there a way to bypass the cache checks?


11-09-2003 19:54:07

Yes, this is related to no entry being present in the disk cache.

Changing the sub-device type from "disk" to "group" should correct the problem. No checks are made against caches for "group" sub-devices yet your statically specified dskIndex will still be translated when executing the tests for the monitors.

If this doesn't fix it, or you have other questions, please let us know!


12-09-2003 02:57:28

i've resolved it in another way just added caching of windows disks to mappings.cpp (i submitted my patch yesterday, see bug #44).