Problems with a new install of 0.17


21-09-2004 03:13:16

Guys and Girls,

Ive just installed 0.17 on a Slackware 10.0 server.

I have been through the installation instructions a number of times but i cant see where im going wrong, but i think i can put it down too one of two places.

The problem is

I go to the website http//internaladdress/netmrg

I can log in no probs

Then i click on Groups (or any other), then i click Add... put in the details in the new page... then i sit there with the buttons greyed out. If i click on groups again the new group does NOT appear.

if i do

php -m

it does tell me that PHP supports mysql.

Ive been through the mysql permissions a couple of times and as far as i can tell they are fine.

Ive checked the password and username are correct in the xml file.

what am i missing ?

Any help is much appreciated.


21-09-2004 05:39:36

Mine does that too, just haven't had time to look at it yet.. ( It did it on the upgrade so had to manually upgrade the database. I suspected a browser issue, tried both Firefox 0.9 and IE 6 but no luck yet.


21-09-2004 10:21:03

We did add javascript in the last release to disable the submit/cancel buttons when one is pressed, but I'm not sure how that could be the problem. Continuing to investigate...


21-09-2004 11:00:15

We've created and resolved bug#299 to address this issue. Apparently IE doesn't like the javascript we recently created. One work-around is to use a browser other than IE (Firefox should work - I'm not sure why it didn't in wjw's case). Another is to wait for the CVS snapshot from tonight and replace your www/lib/format.php file. It's really only a one-line change, you can look in our CVS tree if you'd like to see what we did.



21-09-2004 20:02:21

I copyed that file over today and hey presto... its working great.

Thank you