Process Hanging

Ciaran Bryan

27-10-2004 08:57:12


Seeing a problem where individual gatherer processes are hanging. happens during runs where remote snmp agent is down or device is down of remote shell test script waits timesout.

I'm running 0.14 still. Anyone know if a similar issue has been fixed in a later release ? If so, whats the bug number ?



27-10-2004 09:32:41

For the SNMP devices, make sure that the 'Disable SNMP Uptime Check' check box is [b168f84dfb0]not[/b168f84dfb0] checked. This should help when the device is down or otherwise unreachable. bug#233 dealt with the problem that this checkbox defaulted to on instead of off; actually, it looks like that option didn't get fixed until 0.17, but it wasn't even introduced until 0.16. My bad.
Another thing you can do for SNMP tests is reduce the number of retries and/or the timeout for the tests. If you have some tests that take a long time, this might help you.

For scripts, NetMRG doesn't have any feature currently to time them out. If something in your script is hanging, we don't have much available to us to cut it off or debug it (unless it's one we provided).


Ciaran Bryan

27-10-2004 09:46:39

ok. think the problem lies with my custom scripts.

cant find the 'Disable SNMP Uptime Check' check box.

Where is that supposed to be ?


27-10-2004 10:00:27

I realized partway through my post that the 'Disable SNMP Uptime Check' option wasn't introduced until 0.16, so you wouldn't be able to find it.

If you need any help debugging your scripts, feel free to post; we'll see what we can work out.