WinBlows NET-SNMP issues


01-11-2004 18:40:46

Hi All

I have been banging my head against this for a long time now, and want to illicit other folks thinking...

I have Win2k server running NET-SNMPd successfully, and it can walk the device, but I don't get any UCD-SNMP-MIB unless I specifically run

snmpwalk -v2c -c public some.ip.add.ress .1

AND...even when I do, I never get dskTable output

UCD-SNMP-MIBdskTable = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

Please forgive me if I am leaving out pertinent stuff...I can give more info if necessary....I figged that someone else out there has delt with this issue before.



02-11-2004 13:29:56

I don't know the answer, but would suggest you try the NET-SNMP website. Feel free to follow up the thread here if you find anything elsewhere. Good luck!