Error lockfile ?


03-11-2004 09:17:43

NetMRG lockfile is present at 1099491601

Hello i'm a newb on netmrg and i have installed this on my computer.

I can see a graph etc... but when i see my mail i have lot of mail with subject NetMRG lockfile is present at 1099491601
he say
NetMRG lockfile present at start. Perhaps another copy is running

What is it ? please any people can help me ?

(sorry for my english i'm french -p )


03-11-2004 09:52:52

The gatherer creates a lockfile when it runs and removes it on exit to prevent multiple gatherers from running at the same time. If you are monitoring a lot, it is possible that the gatherer is not completing in the desired interval, resulting in another one being started while the first is still running. If this is the case, you'll either have to lengthen the polling interval, or optimize the situation with more hardware, etc.


03-11-2004 10:23:19

thanks for your help i go to see this -)