SNMP dskAvail.%dskIndex% & NET-SNMP


26-11-2004 13:13:45


I'm trying to get my disk graphing going. However, I don't have the 'dsk*' OID in my tree, AFAIK.

What I have is hrStorage[Index|Type|Descr|AllocationUnits|Size|Used].

I'm using net-snmp 5.1.2 and NetMrg 0.18.2.

So, how do I create my snmp disk tests? Can I modify the existing "Disk - *" tests somehow? Or do I have to create a new test for each individual disk partition on my machine? That would be a bit of a pain...


26-11-2004 15:33:20

We typically add a 'disk <path>' line to our snmpd.conf files (would look like 'disk /', for example). This will create some more useful information in net-snmp.



26-11-2004 22:23:37

I knew there had to be a simple explanation. Yup. That worked. Thanks!