Backup and move to a new box?


14-12-2004 11:44:17

Hello all -
after spending way too much time trying to get my machine to run the way I want to and monitor what I need to.... the hard drive is dying.

What is the best way to save the configs and migrate to a new box... or in general back up netmrg? I am getting tons of filelocks and exit
abnormally right now but am blaming the disk...stupid stupid bad disk...


14-12-2004 13:15:21

This should be fairly painless for you. There are only a couple things you need to backup and move over.
1) netmrg.xml
2) rrd directory (/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/)
3) netmrg database (mysqldump -u root -p netmrg > netmrg.mysql)

The biggest thing is making sure you get the permissions saved in your rrd directory when you extract the tarball (-p, I believe). Then on your new box, install as normal and copy the items you backed up over top of your new installation.
One last thing; you'll probably want to stop the gatherer from cron before you start backing things up, and make sure it's disabled in cron on your new install before your restore the backup.
Let us know if you need any more help with specific command.


15-12-2004 14:46:33

I think libexec/netmrg should also be backup if you have create custom scripts, as I have.