Bandwidth threshold events


17-12-2004 22:06:45


In order to trigger bandwidth threshold events on a wan/lan interface, which condition type is the most appropriate?

Let's say I'm creating events for a stm1 pos interface (ifSpeed 155000000) and I'd like to trigger a critical alarm when bw usage is higher than 148000000.

If I consider using the "current value" condition I'll have to deal with a Tera bps value. Should be ok for absolute cpu or temperature values but apparently not in this case.


BTW, congratulations for NetMRG platform it really made the difference! )




18-12-2004 09:58:20

Instead of 'current value', do 'delta value', as this will be the rate of change over the last 5 minutes. So this way you should be able to enter your 148Mbps value and it'll work for every interval.
You should be able to see the current delta value when you're looking at the indivdual monitors for the interface (just before the events); it'll be labels 'Rate of Change' to the left of the mini-graph.