can't see images


07-10-2003 14:35:21

i installed netmrg 0.10 today, but i can't see any graph images. The cronjob does not produce any errors, but it seems, that the database remais unchainched. mysql version is 3.23.55. any ideas?

besides that, netmrg looks really good, great job!


07-10-2003 14:42:07

Look in your rrd directory to see if any files are being created (/usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd/ for normal installs) and see if there are any files there. You might want to check permissions as well and be sure that the user you're running the cron job as can write to that directory.

Have you added any devices yet? The template box doesn't have any graphs associated with it, so you have to add your own devices and apply templates to it. Let us know if you need any help with that.



07-10-2003 14:58:50

the rrd directory just contains zero.rrd. After applying a template to a sub device, the item should be shown in the monitors column in the device tree, but it is not.
even if running the cron job with root permission, no change in the rrd directory and in the database is done


07-10-2003 16:13:35

To a subdevice of a device that you created, or to a subdevice of the Template Linux box? In order to get graphs you'll need to add your own device and apply the template to that. If you haven't read our brief tutorial, you can read it here



07-10-2003 16:56:16

to my create subdevice. i followed the steps from the readme file.


07-10-2003 19:41:36

Try descending through groups, to your device, and your system subdevice. Are there monitors listed?

If not, is it possible you accidentally applied the template to the wrong subdevice? Try applying the template again if you haven't.

Thanks for your help debugging.


08-10-2003 04:45:07

no, there are no monitors listed. Applying a template again does not add a monitors to any of my two subdevices.


08-10-2003 05:00:26

some more information adding a test directly to a subdevice in "groups" seems to work, but i don't see any graphs there either.


08-10-2003 17:59:59

Ok. If you have a monitor set up now, try running
[code164a51d5d6a]netmrg-gatherer -c1023 -l1023[/code164a51d5d6a]

Please post the output (less anything sensitive). Hopefully this will show why you still have no RRD files.

Also, can you give us some more details? What kind of host are you trying to monitor? What type(s) of sub-device are you using ("Group", "Interface", "Disk")? Which templates did you try to apply to that sub-device?


09-10-2003 03:37:08

I found the problem of the missing images. rrdtool was compiled using an old version of libpng, but in the meanwhile a new version of the lib was installed. The result was a segmentation fault when running rrdtool.

But it remains the problem, that i'm not able to assign templates to subdevices. Adding e.g. an snmp test like "UCD - Load Average - 1 min" works quite find, the graph is shown now, but when assigning a template, no monitor is added to the subdevice.


09-10-2003 18:41:16

Well I'm glad you figured out the rrdtool/image problem. We were feeling kinda stumped ;)

Like Brady said, what template are you trying to apply to what type of subdevice (group, net, disk)? If it's net or disk, are you specifying any parameters?

Thanks for you help in debugging this and you patience; we've been using this for awhile, so it's all intuitive to us; I'm sure its very intimdating to everyone else though.



10-10-2003 07:35:53

e.g. i'm trying to apply the "Linux Box - Available Memory" template graph to my test subdevice of type "group".


10-10-2003 09:34:14

Thanks mic, we'll try to test this out today and figure out what's going on.


17-10-2003 20:03:12

Mic, just checking to see if you're still around.

I've finally been able to duplicate this, so I'll hopefully get a fix out soon.

Just to test, could you apply a 'CPU Utilization' graph to your linux box and see if that gets applied? I had that one work, where others did not (like the Available Memory one).



21-10-2003 05:49:37

applying to "CPU Utilization" template to my subdevice does not work also. If i could help you finding the problem, tell we what to do.


21-10-2003 18:07:54


Did you delete or change the [b7044f09692]Template Linux Box[/b7044f09692] device or any of its monitors, etc?

The template graphs are tied to monitors in the template device, and a symptom of deleting them would be a failure of templates.



23-10-2003 07:23:39

oh, yes, i deleted the the linux box. is it possible to tie a template to one of my own subdevices?


23-10-2003 09:17:47

It is, yes, but it is probably easier to reinstall the default database image.

If you want to try to reparent the templates, you'll need to add monitors for them in your device and then edit the graph items of the templates, pointing them to your new monitors.