Interface Traffic


12-01-2005 10:31:37

Hey there-

I just came across NetMRG a few days ago and have set it up on a webserver of mine. So far I really like it, but have been having problems with understanding on how to go about setting up a variety of different graphs. I have to admit, that it just isn't very intuitive, and its been quite a headache for me.

What I am trying to do right now is create a graph that shows the total Inbound/Outbound traffic on the Interface for the last X minutes (in this case 5). Now, I currently have two graphs up and running right off the bat that were provided from the SNMP "Interfaces - Bytes In" and "Interfaces - Bytes Out". These are showing me the constantly increasing overall totals though, and not for the last X minutes. I thought maybe the "Linux Box - LAN Traffic" Template might work, but it never accumulates any data (Honestly, I think I'm misunderstanding how to use it).

So I guess what it comes down to is Does anyone have some really good step-by-step directions, or know where to find them, for how to set up some of these graphs so that one can learn how to really make good use of this package? The docs don't go into any real detail and make it somewhat difficult to learn how to use this package properly.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


13-01-2005 09:18:35

I just spoke with someone who has used MRTG for a while now and they said that I could get the results I wanted if I set my graph to be "Counter" instead of "Gauge" so I'm going to give that a try and see how that goes. The documentation I read didn't really seem to go into much detail and differentiate the two and give any examples. I guess its more of a learn by trial and error kind of thing...


13-01-2005 20:59:05

The difference between the two is as important as it is hard to initially grasp. We do mention this briefly in part of our manual, but the larger discussion is delegated to RRDTOOL, from which we borrow our terminology.