Adding Template Graphs to Sub-device


13-01-2005 00:51:27

I just start using NetMRG in fc3. After applying a template for a sub-device at Monitoring > Groups > Device, I found that the "view icon" for the sub-device at Reporting > Device Tree is still gray in color. But the "view icon" of Device is orange, and I can see the template graph I just added.

Then I try adding more sub-devices, and apply Template Graph to them. All the graphs can only be viewed at "Device", but not "Sub-device". Is it an expected behavior? Or I have some sort of misconception?

Thanks very much!


13-01-2005 20:55:40

This is the current behavior of NetMRG with respect to applying templates. There is nothing preventing you from adding items to the view for a sub-device yourself, however. We probably should change this in the future to add the items automatically to the sub-devices themselves, in addition to the device. The original goal was to have multiple graphs for a single interface (traffic, ratelimits, errors, etc) in the view for a sub-device, but in practice we have rarely had more than one graph for each interface, and thus the feature has been left in its current "there but not used, really" state.