Cisco Local director monitoring


13-01-2005 20:40:23

Need your help with resolving Cisco LD issue.
MIB states that output should be Counter32 and it comes back from LD as INTEGER (snmpget output)
CISCO-LOCAL-DIRECTOR-MIBcldeVirtualTotalPackets.x.x.x.x.0.0.protocolTypeTCP = Wrong Type (should be Counter32) INTEGER 74603516
As a result only positive numbers are graphed. When the number is < 0 nothing is showing on the graph.
Is there any way to get around this problem?

I will be happy to send a sample graph for your review.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


13-01-2005 21:05:24

What is less than zero? Is the value returned by the SNMPGET itself less than zero, or is the difference between two GETs negative?

If the latter is the case, try using a DERIVE type for your monitor instead of COUNTER. DERIVEs permit going backwards within a counter (and if that is what's happening, it may be why the value is an INTEGER instead of a COUNTER32 in the first place).


14-01-2005 11:56:51

Thank you for the quick response.
To answer your question the value returned by SNMPGET is less then 0, since it is INTEGER number starts @ 200million and then decrements with each byte until it reaches the value on -200million and back.
So if I was to graph an absolute value it would constantly "travel" between +200mil and -200mil.

Thank you for your help.