Does NetMRG support 64bits OS?


18-01-2005 13:56:14

I'm preparing to move our NetMRG install to another box, Dual Xeon wich has support for EM64T and I'm considering installing CentOS x86_64 (for those wondering, it's RedHat Enterprise Server 3 without the certification and without the price tag wink ).
Has anyone tested this kind of setup already?


18-01-2005 14:09:24

We haven't tested on an IA64 box yet, but things seem to work well on an x86_64 box now. If you run into any problems and are willing to help us debug problems, we'll be willing to work with you to get support added.



18-01-2005 14:20:32

I'll start installing the machine tomorrow and will test it during the week. Stay tuned for feedback, thx!


28-02-2005 12:57:32

I'm happy to report that I was successfull installing and running NetMRG 0.18.2 on CentOS 3 x86_64 D


28-02-2005 13:59:19

Thanks for the report!