Cisco 7206... Aggregate graphs, sub graphs, variables, etc.


19-01-2005 11:17:18

I setup a community on a 7206...
Created a Root group of Core, created a sub group of router, and added a Cisco 7206.. this is on a default install.. nothing changed.

Added it, detected all the SNMP detect interfaces... added them as a "Linux Box - Interface" template graph... One of the pre-templated types.. which might be the problem from the word go..

Anyways.. the graphs get created as such...

Is it possible to use the SNMP Alias for the interface detected instead of the Se2/0/10, or possibly populate a parameter for the device with it? It'd like to include this alias on my graphs, and use them as the logical name for the sub-device, instead of Se2/0/10.

My aggregate graph that's created automatically under 7206 contains all the graphs below it. But the names on all those graphs is populated with "%dev_name% - %ifDescr%"... Can I fix that?

There is no aggregate graph created for Sub-Device Se2/0/10, but there is 2 graphs created individually for Interface - Bytes IN and one for OUT. I have to create the aggregate graph manually under Se2/0/10... Why? And can I create these automatically?

I think there may be some basic operating procedure that's escaping my grasp..(I hope)



19-01-2005 12:50:01

It sounds like you're finding your graphs by going to 'group', selecting your device, the subdevice, etc...

Instead, goto 'Device Tree' and you should haev a tree view of your entered devices. Click on the group to expand it, and there should be an orange graph next to your device (indicating you have graphs associated with it). If you click on this graph, you should get a page of the subdevice graphs for your interfaces.
To get the ifAlias for your interfaces (what will be filled by your description you enter), we commonly create a duplicate of the 'Linux Box - LAN Traffic' graph and modify it slightly. The only change we make is to edit the new template, change it's name to 'Cisco - LAN Traffic' and change the title to '%dev_name% - %ifDescr% - %ifAlias%'.
To get these applied to your current graphs, click on the orange graph icon (as above), and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says 'edit'. Click this, then edit each graph so that you're selecting the Cisco lan traffic instead of the Linux box.
Let us know how this goes, or if it helps at all!



19-01-2005 14:02:29

I deleted everything and reinstalled.. and re-did the mysql import, and modified the graph as you said and added the 7206.


There's a screen shot of it..
what I find in particular that's strange is no graphs are created by default for sub-devices. Also, can you think of a way to readily lablel the sub-device the ipAlias, as opposed to the name?
It would be very helpful in our use of NetMRG.

I can create the graphs in question, it's just rather mundane to make it... Can I inject the graphs into SQL? If so, what tables need to be modified to add a graph?

Also... If ifAlias isn't specified in SNMP for an interface, can I enter it manually?

thanks again


19-01-2005 14:07:06

Right; we don't currently add the graphs to the sub-devices when we create them.
I think it's easier to add a 'description' to an interface on the cisco; but if you can't you can add a paramter to the subdevice called 'ifAlias' with the name you want.
There isn't a way to automatically label the sub-device name using the ifAlias; you'd have to modify the code for that page when it's created. Currently you'll have to manually edit the name for the sub-device.



19-01-2005 18:45:22

Since this issue has come up a few times recently, I've started bug#382 to resolve the issue by adding graphs to the sub-device views as well.


20-01-2005 08:21:44

This feature is more than welcome D
We have devices with lots of interfaces, and having to open them all to check just one graph is always annoying.