Stack Graph troubles...


19-01-2005 16:02:46

I'm creating a custom stack graph...
I hit Custom Graph... Add, fill it in..

Click on the name of the graph and I see an empty graph above it..

I add an item, set it to stack and the image link breaks.

I change the said item to a line graph, and I see the data..

I set it back to stack and the link breaks again...

Any ideas?


19-01-2005 17:55:31

'Stack' types need to be stacked on top of other types of graph items. Commonly there is an 'area' on the bottom (ordered at the top of the list) followed by any of the stack items.



19-01-2005 18:51:18

Since we have the opportunity to cover up this misfeature of rrdtool, I've started bug#383 to address it.