Trimming the data in the graphs


27-01-2005 16:36:28

I am trying to "trim" the data displayed on the graphs to make graphs more readable.


Can't find a place where NetMRG stores collected data and absolutely have no idea how to "trim" it.
I did not find any SNMP data in MySQL...

Please help!

Your help is highly appreciated.



27-01-2005 21:57:22

You need to find the monitor numbers for the data items for the spikes. You can do this by going through device tree and looking at the links for the monitors. Take the monitor number, and find the mon_xxxx.rrd file that NetMRG had created (in /var/lib/netmrg/rrd often), where xxxx is the monitor number. You can then use the script that is included with NetMRG to modify the RRD file. You should look for rows in the file corresponding to the time of the spike, and modify them to be a more "normal" value.

Best wishes, and let us know if we can be of further help.


28-01-2005 07:59:01

There is also a "killspike" script that can remove values over some number (like your spike in that graph). Just google for it, and you'll also probably want to use the '2' version of it.



28-01-2005 11:17:19

Thank you VERY MUCH!
I will try both ways today -)



19-04-2005 15:01:08

Ihave a similir problem when one of my routers reset and i started to wonder if like in MRTG/RRD, when a value is greater then a MAx number specified for the variable (like a 256Kbps line sudenly reading a trafic of 1Mbits/s), the pooler or the rrd (i donīt know with) descarted the reading as an erronous value.

Itīs possible to do something in that line whith NetMRG , so that we dont have to Trim the graphīs ? Like, setting a speed maximum per interface ?



19-04-2005 16:59:07

Right now you can set the max value for a monitor and it will ignore values that end up over that value.
We're hoping to have a feature in an upcoming version that can use dynamic variables for the min and max, so you could enter your %ifSpeed% for the max and it would compute it every time.