snmpd: /usr/sbin/snmpd: relocation error: /usr/sbin/snmpd: u


31-01-2005 18:50:17

Hi guys.

I installed SNMP by RPM's, but when I try to startd the deamon, I get the following error

# service snmpd start
snmpd /usr/sbin/snmpd relocation error /usr/sbin/snmpd undefined symbol smux_listen_sd

I looked for information about how to configure SNMP, and I found that i have to run the command

# snmpconf -g basic_setup

without any knowledge i configured it as I though. I don't not why I get this error. I googled it, but there is no enough information.

Do you think is a configuration problem. If this if true, do you have a small tutorial about SNMP



31-01-2005 18:58:47

Let's try a couple simple things to get an idea of what we're working with since you did have a source install of net-snmp previously..
[code1ea86b0d2e0]$ rpm -q net-snmp
$ /usr/sbin/snmpd -v[/code1ea86b0d2e0]
and let us know the output.
Also, did you delete all the snmp stuff from your /usr/local/ directories? It's not too difficult, if tedious..



01-02-2005 10:50:23

YEs, I installed it by source for the firs time. After that and after your comments, I decided to installed by RPMS's. And it's woerked fine.

The following is the ouput of the commands you told me

$ rpm -q net-snmp

$ /usr/sbin/snmpd -v
/usr/sbin/snmpd: relocation error: /usr/sbin/snmpd: undefined symbol: smux_listen_sd

Thanks for all your help.



01-02-2005 11:16:37

This is almost definitely because of incorrect library linking due to the source install. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with linux and removing libraries; I'll try to help a little bit..

First, we should remove your current RPMs for net-snmp. To find out what's installed, do
[code12180fa6a97]$ rpm -qa | grep net-snmp[/code12180fa6a97]
You'll want to 'rpm -e <name>' for each package. You're going to have packages that depend on this, so you'll probably want to add the '--nodeps' option for now as we'll be reinstalling the RPMs later so everything should be fine.

Next, we need to find all the old net-snmp libraries. I recommend a 'find' command for this
[code12180fa6a97]$ find /usr/local/ -name libnetsnmp*
$ find /usr/lib -name libnetsnmp*[/code12180fa6a97]
You'll probably want to remove everything this finds; especially if it's in the /usr/local directory.

After this is done, try reinstalling the net-snmp packages and starting it up again (or the 'snmpd -v' command). Hopefully we've ironed things out.



01-02-2005 14:23:53

Thanks everyone for your help, specially Doug.

You're right, it was a library linking problem, but uninstalling only the net-snmp RPM's, by


$ rpm -e net-snmp-utils-5.0.9-2.30E.6
$ rpm -e net-snmp-devel-5.0.9-2.30E.6
$ rpm -e net-snmp


was not enough, 'cause it didn't delete all the files. I installed net-snmp by source the last 28 of january.

First I uninstalled the RPM packets and then I deleted every file wich was related to SNMP and those wich had the date January 28

After deleting a lot of files, I reinstalled in this order

rpm -ivh net-snmp-5.0.9-2.30E.6.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh net-snmp-devel-5.0.9-2.30E.6.i386.rpm
rpm -ivh net-snmp-utils-5.0.9-2.30E.6.i386.rpm

Finally i typed the comamnd you told me

/usr/sbin/snmpd -v

NET-SNMP version: 5.0.9


Now it's working

Thanks a lot guys