could netmrg receive snmp traps?


01-02-2005 11:21:21


we would know if there is possible that netmrg can receive a snmp trap and associate it to one device's monitor?

If it's not possible, how can I control a server's raid??? I looked for the mibs (hp, compaq and ibm). The mibs I found don't work fine... (



01-02-2005 12:59:06

I'm sorry; I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do.
Netmrg can only 'gather' data, so to have it receive an SNMP Trap you would have to have your trap handler write the value out somewhere that the netmrg-gatherer could get on its next run (either in a MySQL database, or a flat file on the server). NetMRG could then get the value and act on it on its next run (which is commonly 5 minutes). It doesn't have provisions to receive an event and act on it immediately at the present time.