Quick Question


03-02-2005 08:55:57

What is the maximum historical data that will be contained in the rrd files? Meaning what is the furthest point in time I can go back to and see data?



03-02-2005 09:52:14

RRD will store data as long as you want it to.
The way we have the files setup, howevery, it will store about two years max. Also, as data gets "older" it also gets "averaged out" over a longer period of time. This happens at various intervals; for the weekly display, the monthly, and yearly display. So when you look at a monthly graph and the current day's graph the resolution of the data in the monthly graph is much graininer.
Help at all?



03-02-2005 11:54:04

So the NetMRG rrd files will retain 2 years worth of data? If so that is what I am looking for, thanks.