Text in an OID value (Value is not numeric)


18-02-2005 23:24:44

I am attempting to monitor the Incoming Completion and Failure off a Cisco AS5200. The OID I am using is (cmIncomingConnectionCompletions) and the equivalent one for the Failures. The problem is I get "Value is not numeric" because here is what I see when I do a snmpget on one of the oid indexes, CISCO-MODEM-MGMT-MIBcmIncomingConnectionCompletions.2.0 = Counter32 115 calls

There is a numeric value but also text. What can I do?

There's a nice shiny penny in it for the help


21-02-2005 14:32:45

hmmm....14 views....no help.....

the penny is not so shiny anymore


21-02-2005 18:29:17

What version are you using? I tried to reproduce this, but the value was parsed as an integer.


21-02-2005 19:21:02

well i'm using an old old old old old old old 11.3 version of IOS....memory issues (lack of) or I'd upgrade to 12.x....I'm trying to get the largest IOS version on there I can right now..but again...idiotic problems with deleting file from bootflash and memory not being freed....I'll check it out....hopefully I'll be getting new RAS' this year..after all AS5200 is on it's last leg of support from Cisco....


21-02-2005 19:25:15

sorry... I meant which NetMRG version.


23-02-2005 13:18:18

version 18.2 of NetMRG
version 5.2 of net-snmp