problems with missing mysql include files when configuring


28-02-2005 05:27:56

my system is xampp 1.4.11 (with mysql 4.1.8) and when i tried to configure netmrg there is error [b77f72eee51]checking for mysql/mysql.h... no
configure error MySQL headers not found. Use --with-mysql-include-dir=<path>[/b77f72eee51] ... so i downloaded mysql source files, copied the include directory, and entered something like
[b77f72eee51]./configure --with-rrdtool=/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.49/bin --with-mysql-lib-dir=/opt/lampp/lib/mysql --with-mysql-include-dir=/opt/lampp/lib/mysql/include[/b77f72eee51], but there is still the same error... I chmoded the whole directory correctly, why the configure script cannot find the mysql include files?


28-02-2005 05:48:59

solved it... the configure is looking in mysql/ subdir from the one defined at the prompt, which is wrong (imho)...