/usr/local/bin/netmrg-gatherer -sm error


28-02-2005 15:50:56

root@trancephorm:~# /usr/local/bin/netmrg-gatherer -sm
NetMRG starting.
Creating Lockfile.
Initializing SNMP library.
Initializing RRDTOOL pipe.
[ACTIVE] Last: 0, Now: 0
[Dev: 0003] Starting device thread at 2005-02-28 21:47:33.
[Dev: 0003] MySQL connection established.
[Dev: 0003] lindza / <Field Omitted>
[Dev: 0003] SNMP Uptime is 02:00:16 (817695 centiseconds)
[Dev: 0003] Number of Interfaces is 2
[Dev: 0003] [Sub: 0005] Starting Subdevice.
[Dev: 0003] [Sub: 0005] Interface subdevice has no interface parameters.
[Dev: 0003] [Sub: 0005] Subdevice aborted due to previous errors.
[Dev: 0003] Trimming device event log.
[Dev: 0003] Ending device thread at 2005-02-28 21:47:33, after a duration of 0 seconds.
Closed MySQL connection.
Runtime: 0
Closed RRDTOOL pipe.
Cleaned up SNMP.

please help... i really have no time to read whole manual just to solve this problem. )


28-02-2005 16:19:14

Did you use the interface cache to graph the interface, or create a sub-device manually? Either way, there are no parameters on the interface that NetMRG uses to bind an interface name to it's ifIndex. You'll have to add parameters to the sub-device so that it can make that association. If you were creating it manually, defintely check out the interface cache page instead.