Problem with Graph and snmp


02-03-2005 13:21:35

Helo every body,

can anybody help me. I have the problem that I couldnīt show the graph for Interfaces. Other graphs like ping or cpu utilisation ratio work fine. If I make "snmpwalk -v 1 (or 2c) -c public localhost" I get very much input. I have checked from console with snmpwalk and the parameter ifInOctets.%ifIndex% and I get many Information. But with netmrg the graph is empty. Has anybody an idea what the problem is?
For information Iīm using suse 9.0

Sorry for my bad english 8)


04-03-2005 18:28:09

Running the gatherer with the -m option should reveal why the SNMP requests are failing. Look for messages related to the subdevice number of the interface you are dealing with.