Using the same graph


03-03-2005 17:45:37

I've added two monitors to my sub-device (an interface), but I'd like for them to show up on the same graph. I have Interface - Bytes in monitor and Interface - Bytes out monitor that I want to view on one graph -- I've created a template graph using both monitors, but they still show up on seperate graphs, perhaps I am doing this incorrectly. Any help would be much appreciated.


04-03-2005 10:55:41

It sounds like you're viewing all your monitors by going to groups, selecting your device, etc. This is how you manage your devices and the things you're monitoring, not how you view graphs.
To view graphs, click on the 'device tree'. Here you will have either a grayed-out graph icon next to your device (after expanding your group) if there are currently no graphs setup, or an orange graph icon if there are graphs.
It also sounds like you're trying to setup interface graphs; we have templates built-in to do this, and the easiest way to add interfaces is by using the 'interface cache' as it does everything for you. Goto the group that your device is in and there should be four small icons next to the device name; hover over them until you find the 'recache interfaces' link and click that. After this, you should be able to use the 'view interface cache' link. From the following page you can add new interfaces to be graphed very easily.



04-03-2005 14:07:07

Thanks for the reply, however, I am using the Device Tree to look at my graphs. I go to device tree, click on my device, then I see the IP address (the interface) i'm monitoring. When I click and expand my interface I see Interfaces - Bytes out and Interfaces - Bytes in graphs, but they are seperate. I'd like for both of them to be on the same graph.

Since I'm on the subject, when I create a new template graph, say I call it 'Graph - Input/Output', in the part that you add items to the graph, it has a Monitor field, which can be set to fixed or you can change and pick a monitor. I'm assuming this needs to be pointing to a monitor and not just say fixed, right? For each item in my template (input/output) I chose the input/output monitors that I added to my sub-device (interface) from the Group -> sub-dev menu. Just want to make sure that I'm at least doing that part correct..

I still don't see any labels on the graphs though, even when I choose to display the Current and Average numbers left justified. I'm still new to NetMRG so perhaps I'm still doing something wrong.. I really like it so far.. any help getting these graphs working would be great! thanks again for the reply..and sorry if I'm just doing something wrong..


04-03-2005 14:29:39

In production we typically setup the templates on the devices, not the interfaces; although setting them up on the sub-device would also be possible.
Click on your device graph (grayed-out graph icon, probably) and click the 'edit' button on the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a page where you can change what items are shown there; click 'add' near the upper-right. You will then be able to choose your template graph and sub-device to apply it to. When you're done, click 'done editing' and you should be able to see your template graph displayed.


04-03-2005 17:00:54

strange, I've done exactly what you said and my templates still aren't being displayed.. I don't even see any graphs. The graph icon did change from grey to orange however, but when I click on it, there's nothing. I only have graphs for devices (i.e. interfaces from cache I enabled monitors (Interfaces bytesin-out) on). Anything else that I could try? Any logs I should check or modify for verbosity? Thanks