SELinux and you...


30-03-2005 06:35:18

Hi... just found this tool, and honestly.. i'm rather impressed ) nice clean install..

i'm writing this as just an fyi for any1 else, maybe you already know...

I'm installing it on a RHEL4 box, with SELinux in enforcing mode, and initially this meant I couldn't access netmrg.. and then I got blank graphs because I couldn't access /var/lib/netmrg... the following reference resolved it for me...



30-03-2005 08:08:57

Thanks for the heads-up. I think I'm actually going to start a bug for this since our RHEL4 RPM should take care of this itself w/o user intervention. If you would like to watch the bug or attach your policy you created/modified, I'm sure that would help a bunch. If you'd like to look into it, it's bug#402.