SQL:How to query different databases than netmrgs ?


30-03-2005 18:23:47


I just installed netmrg today, and I want to fire up some queries on our mysql database and make graphs from it. but it seems I cannot set the database name when creating an sql script ? Then I tried it with creating a script, with mysql cmd which the result is a number, but the graph shows nothing. Can someone hint me to the right direction ?
I use a linux box.

Also the traffic graph is empty , I used the template for that and set the interface to our eth device...any maybe comon newbie problem I have encountered ?
ill be glad to provide more info if needed.
thx lot !



30-03-2005 18:30:14

oh ok, I ran the gatherscript with -am (just found that info hehe) and I had to addp athes to my script. but still is there not a more elegant way ?


31-03-2005 00:50:26

You should be able to setup a MySQL test under Tests -> SQL. There you can specify the host, user, passwd, etc. to obtain the information you want to graph. You can set it up to use parameters instead of hard-coded values, and then specify those params in the sub-device.