04-05-2005 08:25:05

i need to gather data on a SNMP v3 dev. does NetMrg support SNMP v3 ?


04-05-2005 08:41:05

Unfortunately, no. Not yet.
We've been kinda lazy implementing this as most devices still support v2c at the very least.
I'd be interested in knowing if you have a device that is SNMP v3 only and what it was.



04-05-2005 08:53:19

well thanks for quick reply here is a Radio that we use ...
u sound very surprised why is that?


04-05-2005 09:47:31

Typically "the industry" is very slow to adopt new standards, especially when it adds additional complexity like SNMP v3 does. I'm glad to see a device that does support it and uses it. Maybe this will give us the kick we need to get SNMP v3 support in NetMRG ;-)



04-05-2005 09:58:26

oh... k! hmm i just would like to thank all the people involved in developing, maintaing netmrg keep up the good work...


06-05-2005 06:41:49


I realised that I wanted to use netmrg with snmpv3 and ksm, well, said and done. Here is how I accomplished it

stracing the gatherer it proved that libsnmp tries to read conf files when loaded, simply create a (in my case) /var/netmrg/.snmp/NetMRG.conf containing something similar to

defSecurityModel ksm
defSecurityName my-netmrg-user
defSecurityLevel authPriv

and remove the comments around snmpv3 in devices.php. works like a charm.

You probably need a slightly different config file if you want to use usm, I have only tried this with ksm. This also implies running the gatherer in a wrapper script getting krb tokens for it.