migrate from cacti


16-10-2003 19:53:32

Is posible migrete from cacti to netmrg..??


16-10-2003 21:57:27

[quote8cdc87c52e="khemir"]Is posible migrete from cacti to netmrg..??[/quote8cdc87c52e]

Currently, no.

We would very much like to have this feature in the future, in addition to MRTG, but I don't see it as something that will come out in the near future. Currently, you'd have to set everything up again in NetMRG (which, I understand, can be a sizable effort if you have a decent number of hosts). We'll keep you in mind when we do have this feature available.



16-10-2003 22:01:20

Not at the moment, but it's something that'll probably show up on the far-off TODO.

If hardware is available, I'd suggest setting up NetMRG on its own server so that it doesn't affect something that is currently working...or at least used by others. )

If you run into problems installing or setting up NetMRG, feel free to post them in the forums so that all may benefit from any possible resolutions or pointers.