DB_ERROR:: Cannot connect to the database server.


20-05-2005 15:55:33


I have Fedora 3 and I have completed the requirements to install netmrg and the compilation was ok; but when I try to access the web http//<host>/netmrg an error is showed

DB_ERROR Cannot connect to the database server.

I see errors in the terminal console like
audit(1116618437.5020) avc denied { write } for pid=2470 exe=/usr/sbin/httpd name=mysql.sock dev=dm-0 ino=416320 scontext=rootsystem_rhttpd_t tcontext=usr_uobject_rvar_lib_t tclass=sock_file

Each time that I do a refresh to http//<host>/netmrg a new audit log is showed with other pid.

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks a lot,



20-05-2005 17:18:39

This is because SELinux in FC3 (and RHEL4, for that matter) is denying the Apache process from accessing a file on the filesystem that's not in its policy.
We typically disable SELinux. You can do this by typing [bc9eda03d1f]setenforce 0[/bc9eda03d1f] at the console (as root). You'll also need to modify your grub.conf and add [bc9eda03d1f]selinux=0[/bc9eda03d1f] on your kernel line so it's disabled at boot.