Template Graphs are broken images


22-05-2005 14:11:03

I'm running 18.2 and have is gathering data from a handful of servers and a switch. It's correctly gathering data and under each device I can see everything I want. To add the subdevices I applied the included template graphs and it started collecting.

My problem has to do with viewing the graphs on a device, a server for example. When I click the link next to the server I get broken images for all of the graphs. The templates apply the correct multipliers and as far as I can tell that is the only place to view them with multipliers applied. I also added a sum for the interface traffic to get the total and I imagine that's also the place where the change shows up?

Am I missing something?


22-05-2005 16:30:48

I solved my own problem after looking at the Apache logs. I dropped the rrd files last week because someone who previously set up NetMRG hosed it so I started over. Turns out I dropped the important zero.rrd file; I added it back in and all is well.