Spamassassin script


18-10-2003 12:53:50

hello folks,

Nice work on Netmrg! I was wondering if there are any links for contributed scripts. I want to monitor spamassassin/sendmail, but I am really not much of a programer/scripter.

Thanks in advance for your time,



18-10-2003 13:22:29

Thanks for the kind words!

Since we're so new, there isn't a section for contribs yet. Where I work, we've implemented something like you mention for postfix/MailScanner, but I haven't gotten that to a releasable state yet.

Perhaps someone else has something useful? The way my current mail-munger works is by reading in the maillog and inserting useful counters into a database. We then have NetMRG setup to use the SQL tests to read these values out (as counters) and make pretty graphs of them. Just a small tutorital in case somebody has a script laying around that is close to being able to do the job.



16-07-2004 17:16:05

Has the postfix script gone anywhere?
Currently we are using http//

But we wanted to change it over to mrtg if we could.



16-07-2004 17:47:54

Yeah, it needs posted.. let me do that and I'll let you know when it's in CVS (in a couple minutes probably).



16-07-2004 17:56:33

Okay; it's in the contrib directory, with a short little readme. It'll also be in tonights snapshot if you'd rather get it there.
It doesn't do spam stats unless you're using mailscanner; if you can think of a good way for me to add it, let me know.